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The specific details of the cases we handle may reveal the identities of our clients.   Out of respect for their privacy, and because many cases include confidentiality clauses, we have decided to illustrate the types of cases we handle using general descriptions.  The following scenarios are provided to illustrate the circumstances in which Mulholland Law is retained:


Case Scenario 1

Representing injured claimant against corporation, defended by insurance company.

Client is severely injured.  No pre-suit offer.  Litigation results in favorable settlement.

Case  Scenario 2

Representing policyholder against insurance company for bad faith

Client causes crash and severe injuries.  Insurance company receives a settlement offer from injured claimant, but fails to settle the case for client’s policy limits.  Client ends up with judgment against him for more than 10x his policy limits.  Litigation through trial and appeal before insurance company settles for enough to settle judgment and pay attorney’s fees.  

Case Scenario 3

Representing injured claimant in declaratory judgment action for coverage

Local attorney representing severely injured client.  Rather than try to settle claim, insurance company files a lawsuit against its own insureds, and the injured claimant.  Retained as co-counsel to litigate the insurance case.  Insurance company loses and reaches favorable settlement with injured claimant.

Case Scenario 4

Representing policyholder in fire/hurricane loss under policy

Insurance company never denies coverage, but offers far less than the amount to compensate policyholder for damages caused by fire / hurricane.  Litigation results in settlement for payment of all amounts owed under policy, plus attorney’s fees.